For Attendees

Update 29 July 2016

## Registration for #Caption16

Each LIVE presentation is a different WebEx event. In order to attend, you send to click the invitation link and register. As there are a total of 5 live presentations, you should have received 5 emails from messenger at webex. #‎Caption16 should be in the subject line.

If you did not receive an email, then please check your spam filter. Please be sure to whitelist the email address.

Also, we encourage you to register now rather than waiting until Monday or Tuesday.

Prior Post

**Please reserve time on your calendars!**

You can check out our different sessions here:

Conference Schedule Overview

## Our time zone
If you are selecting time zones, we’re Seattle/Los Angeles. PDT.

## About half the presentations are video, half live
At this point, half of our presenters have pre-recorded their presentations via video. This means that, in most cases, you can watch the video a day or two ahead of time OR during the conference itself. Conference times for video presentations are meant for attendees to both watch the videos and/or engage in online discussion about the video.

## We are presenting using WebEx, however we just upgraded
Western Oregon University just upgraded our license, so we are not sure of exactly if we can arrange for a secure, accessible, and stable WebEx space for audience engagement and interaction in time for the conference. This is why we are currently emphasizing Twitter.

## Access
You will receive notifications of how to access the conference 24-48 hours in advance. This will be as a WebEx Event.

This information will only be sent to registrants via email. It will NOT be posted on the conference website.

## Conference web site
The conference website ( ) will have individual pages dedicated to the conference. One page for Monday. A second page for Tuesday. These pages will go up at least 24-48 hours before the conference.

On these pages you will find:
* Embedded video content
* Links to streaming video content
* Documents presenters have provided for download
* Hashtags specific to the conference or presentations

You will not find presenters’ profile information on the daily pages. All that information is on the presenters’ page:

## Limited to few images
Presenters are using no to few images in their presentations. We have opted for this for a variety of reasons. Similarly, only one presentation will be accessing websites and doing walkthroughs of the content. The end result is that almost all meaning will be delivered through speech, interpreted ASL, and/or CART.

## ASL
Several presentations have ASL speakers. For these presentations, there will be ASL interpreters present as well as CART. CART and ASL are provided by @Stradagize.

CART will be available at all livestreamed sessions.
CART is provided by @Stradagize.
CART should also be available within the WebEx window. It will be in the MEDIA VIEWER which is clickable in the lower right.
NOTE: depending on your screen size, selecting Media Viewer may hide the video screens for presenters. This is why we have CART on an external site as well.

## Pre-recorded videos
All pre-recorded videos have been close captioned. CC is provided by @Stradagize.

## No audio description
As of this time, we do not have any audio description available for this conference. However, we have encouraged presenters to minimize the role of visual information. If they are using visual information, then we have asked them to describe the visual information and/or highlight it to the best of their ability.

## If you miss the conference
We will be sad, yes. Of course we’d love to have you there with us. However, almost all of the video content—live and pre-recorded—will remain online. So will the documents.

Please know that we respect individual beliefs about copyright and IP. If people want to creative commons their work, great! If they want to protect it, great! If material is or will be taken down after a time frame, it is because we are following our presenters’ wishes.

## Almost all presentations will appear later
As mentioned above, some,due to IP and copyright, will be pulled. But all resources will hopefully be available with pop up closed captions within 30-45 days.

All videos, though, will hopefully be available for 30-45 days after the conference

## How can you interact?
We’re following the general approach used by AXSCHAT ( ) and engaging primarily on Twitter.

1. Twitter: be sure to use #Caption16 so we can see your tweets!
a. During a LIVE presentation, consider asking questions of the presenter. They will hopefully reply either at the end of the chat or later that day or week. Conference organizers will monitor Twitter for potential questions to ask presenters.
b. Consider asking questions of presenters in advance. That’s right, check out presenters’ profiles and feed them questions now!
c. During a PRE-RECORDED presentation, there will be a series of questions/prompts asked via the conference Twitter account ( @captionstudies ). Feel free to reply to one or all of these questions. Also, feel free to ask your own questions. These prompts will appear on the conference day page right underneath the specific session.


## Conference Evaluation
At the end of the conference, an anonymous evaluation will be sent out to all registrants. Please take the time to complete it. As you go through the conference and things strike you, please don’t hesitate to write that down and give us your feedback through the evaluation form.

## 2017 Conference
### Virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face
We are tentatively planning #Caption17 already. It could be all face-to-face in Monmouth, Oregon; it could by hybrid with face-to-face and online; it could be all online. Your feedback will help make the decision.
### Think about proposing for #Caption17
It’s not too early to think about what you might like to present—pre-recorded, live, or face-to-face—for 2017 on the topic of captioning. We’re interested in all aspects of captioning! As you attend and participate, be sure to write down some of your ideas, what you think you can share with the broader captioning community!

## Sponsors
This event would not be possible without the incredible support of our sponsors. If you like the conference, please give a friendly shout out to any, or all, of our supporters!

* Strada Communications (@Stradagize)
* University Computing Services at Western Oregon University
* Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (@CCACaptioning)
* 3 Play Media (@3playmedia)