Conference Schedule Overview

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Presentation Schedule

Most sessions range between 60-75 minutes. There will also be planned 15 minute breaks between sessions. All session times are PST.

Live streamed panels will feature CART captioning.

Some recorded presentations will be available for several days before the conference. Thus participants can view the videos ahead of time. Then, during the allotted time, participants can engage in a live Twitter chat with some or all of the panelists. At least one recorded presentation will go LIVE during the conference.

Monday, August 1st, 2016

  • 12-1 Keynote: Dr. Sean Zdenek / Format: Live streaming with CART
  • 115-230: “International Captioning Activism Panel: Stories and Suggestions” Chaired by Dr. Lauren E. Storck / Format: Live streaming with live captioning and some SL, with Jim House, USA; Braam Jordaan, South Africa; John Waldo, USA; Darja Pajk, Slovenia, and Michele Linder, USA.
  • 245-345: “Caption software: Difficulties in captioning audio entertainment for Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.” Dr. Deborah Fels and Margot Whitfield / Format: Pre-recorded video. Presenters
    will respond to email questions promptly at or
  • 4-515: Caption user panel: D/deaf Educators / Format: Pre-recorded with Twitter chat
  • 530-630: DIY Captioning with Mike Lockrey and Mike Ridgway / Format: Live streaming with CART

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

  • 12-12:10: Welcome back;
  • 12:15-1: Presentation by Darlene Parker, member of NCRA. / Pre-recorded video.
  • 115-215: Presentation by Strada / Format: Live streaming with CART
  • 230-330: Svetlana Kouznetsova/ Format: Pre-recorded video
  • 345-445: Captioning Literacy Narratives: Experiences of Three Captioners / Format: Pre-recorded with Twitter chat
  • 5-6: Caption Studies: Research questions for the field, Chaired by Dr. Katie Linder / Format: Live streaming with CART

Presentation formats: a bit more information

We are working with one of our sponsors, Strada Disability Services and Communication, and University Computing Services at Western Oregon University to research the best and most accessible platform and formats for our online conference. This means that we are still testing out platforms and interactions. Our goal is to make sure that all interested parties are able to participate and engage in the conference. More information will be forthcoming as we determine our best solutions. Yes, we’re working with some great people in the community, too, to make sure this is accessible for all!


Recording with Twitter Chat

Currently we are working with two presentation formats. The first format is where presenters or panels pre-record their presentations or discussion and then host a live Twitter chat during the conference. This is inspired by the work by AxsChat. This allows the presenter time to caption and/or ASL interpret the videos and provide them to us. All of the conference videos will be posted to a conference website a few days before the online conference starts. This will give viewers a chance to watch one or several of the videos before the conference and thereby enable them to participate more fully in the Twitter chats.

The second format will be a live panel. This panel will take place on a platform that is still being determined since, in some cases, we will have panelists from diverse locations. The live panel will also be CART captioned for viewers.

  • Most sessions will run about 60 minutes.
  • There will be 15 minute breaks between sessions.
  • All times mentioned are PST.