Monday’s Engagement

Great news, folks! Yesterday each live session had about 70-80 consistent attendees in the morning sessions and around 50 attendees in the afternoon session.

In terms of Twitter activity, you can search for #Caption16. You can also check out the visualization created by @daniellynds!


Data Visualization of Day 1 of #Caption16
Data Visualization of Day 1 of #Caption16

Looking forward to another exciting day today of caption-related content and work! Yes!


    1. I am behind in getting the videos up. Today the Captioning 101 by Chanel is going live. The other videos were slowed down by me and by other factors. Hoping to get them completed and live by end of October. Captioning Advocacy is coming next, then the DIY Captioning. From there, I believe it is the Keynote and the Captioning Research panels.

      I will also announce on Twitter if you are online: @CaptionStudies.

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