Caption Studies 2016 Conference

Registration is now OPEN for the conference. Please complete the registration at this Google Form. Your information will only be used to keep you updated about  the conference!

Thank you for visiting the site for Caption Studies 2016 Virtual Conference. On different pages you will find: our conference schedule for August 1-2, 2016; resources and links related to captions, captioning and caption studies; information about our kind sponsors; eventually we will have a conference registration form here as well.

In case you are wondering:

All online conference presentations–live and recorded–will be captioned.

We are working to make the conference as accessible as possible.

The conference is FREE, i.e. there is no charge. However, you will need to register for the conference as the date gets closer.

You can find us on Twitter as @captionstudies.

Email contact: captionstudies at wou dot edu.

The conference has a Facebook page as well.

If you would like semi-regular announcements regarding the Caption Studies conference, such as when conference registration is open, if and when different speakers or presenters have confirmed, or when more information about 2017 becomes available, watch our Twitter feed. You can also sign up for email notifications here: All emails on this list will only be used for conference related announcements.


  1. This will be awesome!! I’d like to help sponsor in some way. One topic I’d like to see covered it punctuation, specifically how it relates to captioning lyrics. The standard is no punctuation, but if there’s a pause, why not? Just like in our English language.

  2. Kudo’s on the conference!

    We will definitely be attending.

    We found it a bit cumbersome trying to convert your conference schedule into different time zones. To make things easier for your participants, we developed customized schedules by U.S. time zones. Feel free to reference it on this website if you’d like. Here’s the URL: Please note: Before doing so, please check the accuracy of the conversions. 🙂

    Also, if you are planning to audio/video-record and archive each session without synchronizing them with the captions, we’d be happy to help you achieve this objective.

    If there’s interest in either of the above offers, please contact to me using the following contact information:


    Steve 🙂

    Steve Jacobs, President
    IDEAL Group, Inc.
    (614) 777-0660

    1. Thank you for your interest, and thanks for sharing the customized schedules.
      We’re planning to convert the CART transcripts into pop up captions after the conference, but I do appreciate your interest and offer.

      Looking forward to your participation!


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