#Caption18 not #Caption17

Dear Allies, Friends, Supporters,

Thank you for helping make #Caption16 such a success this past August. It was an amazing experience, and many of us learned a lot about captions, captioning research, accessibility, and our community. Thank you!

While there were plans to put on a conference in 2017, we are postponing this until 2018 for a variety of reasons. We’re currently considering whether to keep the conference online, to make it hybrid with some face-to-face and online portions, or to have a fully face-to-face conference.

We hope to have some more news in the coming months!

Thank you for your support.


Recordings of #Caption16 Live Presentations: Under Way

Today we were able to post the first recording of a live presentation. Today’s was Chanel Carlascio’s “Captioning 101.” You can find it on the Tuesday detailed schedule page or at YouTube. Coming soon are the Captioning Advocacy and DIY Captioning sessions. Thank you for your patience! We hope you enjoy the videos.

Monday’s Engagement

Great news, folks! Yesterday each live session had about 70-80 consistent attendees in the morning sessions and around 50 attendees in the afternoon session. In terms of Twitter activity, you can search for #Caption16. You can also check out the visualization created by @daniellynds!   Looking forward to another exciting day today of caption-related content and work! Yes!

#Caption16 Registration Closed

Registration for #Caption16 is now closed. Thank you for your interest! The conference Live sessions are available only to people who registered. However, anyone is able to watch the video presentations for #Caption16; everyone is welcome to join in the Twitter chats about #Caption16 presentations. You can find the videos under Monday or Tuesday of the Conference […]